Dollar Country

Episode 078 - Root Hog Or Die



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Release Date

May 15th, 2019


The USA loses a submarine, the last Dalton raid, and a visit from aliens. What a heck of a world we're livin' in.


Curtis Keen - What A Heck Of A World We're Livin' In
Mr. Freddy Jack - Tijuana Grass
Fred Cowen - The Fun Don't Last As Long As The Payments
Bobby Roberts And The Ozark Drifters - I'm Gonna Comb You Outta My Hair
June Carter - Root Hog Or Die
Frank Jones - The Smiling Peanut Butter Man
Steve Richardson Jr. - The Thresher
Rodney Lay - Ballad Of The Dalton Raid
Cowboy Jules - William F. Cody
Homer Cole - Legend Of A Strike
Frank Dycus - The Visit
Melvin Endsley - The Search
Earl Clark - If It Wasn't For Old Bad Luck I Wouldn't Have No Luck At All
George Main - The Only Way To Know
Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee - Standing In The Doorway
Jan Eden - When You Need A Shoulder
Werly Fairburn - Stay Close To Me
Clyde Stewart - The Getaway
Wayne Caddell - Country Fried




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