Dollar Country

Episode 140 - Outsider Outtakes



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Release Date

June 30, 2021


Seventeen tracks of outsider country artists that didn't make my most recent mixtape. Featuring B-Sides and other things that are excellent but didn't fit.


Launa Burroughs - Been To Swamp Guinea
One Man Band - Ralph Melody
The Scufflin' Hillbilly - Troubled Heart
The Nau's - Steel Guitar Rag
Buddy Jack - Angel With A Broken Heart
Lee Royal - I See Love There In Your Eyes
Jake Tolbert - The Ones I Left Behind
Sue Donn Gardner & The Donovans - Can't Control Your Eyes
Major Hicks and his Mountain Cats - Tribute To A Great Man
J.C. And the Musicmakers - The Four Sons Of Joe Kennedy
Ersle Standridge - Little John
The Singing Jones Family - I Can't Live Without You
Sally Jordan - Moonshine Jill
Lorn Wall - I'm Fine
Thomas Porter - Snow Job
James Henry - Throw Away The Key
Texas Diamonds - Circle Of Love




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