Dollar Country

Episode 147 - Six Feet Of Earth


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Release Date

August 18, 2021


More forgotten country tunes from the vinyl bins.


Bill Neat - A Rolling Stone Am I
Homer Leo Bays - Viburnum Blues
Susie Lee Young - Pretty Loretta Lynn
Roy "Boy" Baker - Contract Time In Detroit City
Rusty Adams - Gonna Hang John Sutton
Land Of The Sky Boys - When It's Blossom Time In Old Caroline
Sharon Haley - Shooting Star
Rex Zario - Daisy Mae
Linda Cassady - Going To The Dogs
Jerry Byers - Face In The Crowd
Sonny Burns - Six Feet Of Earth
Jack Bowers - The Day God Called Your Name
Buck Griffin - From Viet Nam To Dolan
Big Dan Starr - Captain Tom Mantell
Evelyn LaBorde - Wife Of A Truck Driving Man
Bennie Hess - Novelty Yodel #1
Will Gentry - A Man And A Town
Hal Bynum & Real Butter - The Old Pro




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