Dollar Country

Episode 146 - Prison Grey



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August 11, 2021


17 more country songs lost to history


Jim Whitlock The Singing Cherokee - You'll Just Waste Your Life
Rosalind Smith - I Wish I Knew
Janet Rose - Okie From Muskogee
Dodie Frost & Jack Kimmel - My Trailways Bus Driver
Joyce Mills - Cry On My Shoulder
Mildred Morris - I Only Wanted Your Love
Dee Mullins - Prison Grey
Arkey Blue - Scarlet Water (Known As Wine)
Fern Garner - Stark County Belle
Jim Murdel - Bright Lights Uptown
Rusty Wellington and Shorty Long's Band - Lonely Lips
Bill Pollard - From The Moment You're Born
Wendy And The Troubadours - Mama Tried
Dave Ain't Here - Skoal Brothers
Leon And The Country Gentlemen - In The Hands Of Someone
The Sunshine Twins - Tragedy Of The Silver Bridge
Curly King - Birthday Suit



This Moment In Dollar Country History

This is the first who to have the new intro.

"Dollar Country the show where I share country 45s forgotten along the path of history
sometimes never were known in the first place to be forgotten about
all the misses strikeouts, whiffs and beanballs from the golden age of country music."


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