Dollar Country

Episode 183: Old Blue


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June 22, 2022


Another week of exploring the records I recently brought back from Texas.


Herbert Sims - Every Once In Awhile
The Dixie Drifters - You Trampled On My Heart
Joe Maphis & Rose Lee - I Gotta Lotta Lovin'
Fred Baker - Maybe She Would Like To Know
Lou Morris - I've got Herataches And Sorrows
Linda Pritchard - The Hurtin' Game
George Maxwell - Tin Soldiers
Don Murray - Earth Up Above
Jimmie Skinner - Dark Hollow
Joyce Shields Atkinson & The George Shields Family - I Ain't Going To Worry Anymore
The Muleskinners - Muleskinner Blues
Big "V" Owen with Bennie Bros & The Sundowners - Just When It Starts To Get Night
Sonny Mayes - One Hundred Proof
Jimmy Osborne - Though Not As Yet
Neil Ray - The Medic

Patron Bonus Tracks

Johnny Goff - If You Cry Any Louder (patreon bonus track)
The Country Lads - I Won't Beg Your Pardon (patreon bonus track)
Bobby Denton - The Wrong Side Of The Door (patreon bonus track)
Larry Heaberlin - Just Like I Expected Her To Do (patreon bonus track)
Margaret Lewis - Cheaters Can't Win (patreon bonus track)
Max Powell - Meat Shortage Blues (patreon bonus track)




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