Dollar Country

Episode 184: Songs From A Shed


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June 29, 2022


A collection of things that came from a collection I bought earlier this year about 30 miles south of Cleveland.


Paul Wayne - Stolen Love
Gene Mills - Rocking Rolling Ocean
Johnnie Humbird - Swamp Bird
Ethel Delaney - Howdy Neighbor Howdy
Glenda Hawkins - You Don't Know What Your Heart Wants To Do
Bobby Reed - We've Got The Night And Twenty Bucks (To Spend)
The Willis Brothers - Pinball Anonymous
Fred Darian - The Legend of The Ghost Stage
Jack Jackson - Going Home
Carl Curtis - It's Not The Lover
Josi Brown - What Has The World Done To My Baby
Ace Ball - The Last Rodeo
Lee (Smokey) Garretson - My Wyoming Lonesome Land
Jack Campbell - Love Her In The Morning (And Twice As Much At Night)
Lulu Belle and Scotty - Try To Live Some (While You're Here)
Charle Roi - The Most Important Part Of Me
Jimmy Kelly - Kay




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