Dollar Country

Episode 182: Let's Forget The Past



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June 15, 2022


Another week of digging through the great stuff I found in Texas in May 2022.


Salty Gamblin - What You Gonna Do
Betty Hallmark - I'll Cheat On You
Wild Bill Mowell - On My Knee
Reed Sherman - Montana Hummingbird
Wiley Barkdull - Cause You're Always On My Mind
Sally Massey - I'm Saving All My Kisses
Buck Jones - The Moon Is Not For Lovers
Roger Rigney - Let's Say Hello To Reno
Kaye Whittle - When I Laugh
Charlene Thomas - Back With Your Old Friends
Bill Horny - The Ring On Your Left Hand
Merl Lindsay - Stolen Kisses
Bill Cart - Let's Forget The Past
Johnny Mauldin - Deep Sea Fisherman
Chuck Wells - El Toro
Anne Bruce - (You'll Always Have) Another Chance With Me
Gwindal Ray - Better Way To Go

Patron Bonus Tracks

Buddy Pruitt & The Truck Drivers - The Ways Of The Oil Field game(patreon bonus track)
Jim Whitlock - Look Who's Laughing Now(patreon bonus track)
Royel Clark - My Women & Wine(patreon bonus track)
Buddy Pruitt & The Truck Drivers - I Won't Be Gone Too Long (patreon bonus track)




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