Dollar Country

Episode 198: Prairie Drifter



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Release Date

November 8, 2022


A Country Girl gets caught selling pot and ends up behind bars, an Underwater Man meets and underwater woman, and The Worlds Greatest Man this week on Dollar Country.


Tex Dixon - Mind Full Of Memories
Wayne Smith & The Arkies - Arkansas Special
Whispering Smith - River Boat
Ruth Hartman - The Worlds Greatest Man
John & Margie Cook - I Have No One To Stay With Me
The Hatfields - Weeping Robin
Verne Young - Have You Seen My Baby Today
Sammy Marshall - Open Your Heart
Raymon' Taylor - Gotta Do Sompin Bout This
Kenny Long - Look Out Blues
Elise Williams - Country Girl
Edie Kay - Confidence
Dan Carlson - Prairie Drifter
Shirley Conaway - His Wish
Roy Simon - If I Ever Need A Lady
Pete Pike - I'm Walking Alone
Jim Cannon - Underwater Man

Patron Bonus Tracks

The Carter Bros & Cheryl Lee - Muddy Mississippi
Frank Evans & His Top Notchers - What Is It
Lazy & Joe - Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Buddy Pruitt & The Roustabouts - Roustabout Lou
Marvin Shilling - The Santa Fe Trail




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