Dollar Country

Episode 199: Poor Man's Blues



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November 12, 2022


The Hospitality Blues, Dreams of Elvis, Country Shows, and the 3.35 Minimum Wage all on this episode of Dollar Country.


David Ridenhour - Neon Signs And Honky Tonks
Gaylen Ackley - Hello Marvin Zindler
Ray Winfree - Poor Man's Blues
The Singing Jones Family - It's Too Late
Johnny Brooks - Honky Tonk Man
Chuck Howard - Further In The Gutter
Doug Harrell - Hospitality Blues
James & Garland - Please Forget Me
Marie Norway - Green Eyed Monster
Sara Lane - I Dreamed I Saw Elvis In Heaven
Harry Gullett & The Wheels - More Than I Ever Had
The Jackson Family - Country Show
Concertina Patti - All My Dreams
Gordon Barnes - This Broken Heart Of Mine
Bobby Holley - The 335 Minimum Wage In The Good Old U S Of A
Jack Raymond & The Countrymen - Where The Sunset Meets The Trail

Patron Bonus Tracks

Danny Dale & The Travelaires - Have You Ever Been Lonely?
Dick Woods - Hillbilly Darlin
Rusty & Doug with Wiley Barkdull - Dancing Shoes
Bob Wolfe - A Bottle, An Empty Glass
Wayne Smith - Lonely World




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