Dollar Country

Episode 197: 10 Gallon Teardrops



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Release Date

November 1, 2022


Cantaloupe Jones, Smokey Bear, a Queen Of Skid Row, and Redback spiders all on this episode of Dollar Country.


Cleveland Crochet & Hill Billy Ramblers - Sugar Bee
Dave Kirby - Cantaloupe Jones
Lee Babcock - Paying Now
L'ascal - Lettre A Chantal
Ray Winfree & The Sound Of Country - Devil Hang Me High
Slim Newton - The Redback On The Toilet Seat
Fran Ahysen - The Honky Tonk's My Home
Jerry Jeff Walker - Charlie Dunn
Ghost River Band - Have You Ever Wanted Something
Roseanna Rogers - I Let You Taste The Honey
Luke Gibbons - Queen Of Skid Row
Theron Gooslin - Delilah
Carroll Dyer - Gonna Make A Break
Sally Marcum - Ten Gallon Teardrops
Donna Darlene - Smokey Bear My Trooper Man
Eddie Noack - A Few Good Funerals

Patron Bonus Tracks

Bluegrass Ramblers - These Memories
Van Ray - Queen Of Highway 114
Rythum Wranglers - A Dream World For Two
Johnny Hill - Stranger In Our Town
Jerry Jeff Walker - Gettin' By




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