Dollar Country

Episode 151: All 78s Vol. 3


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Release Date

September 22, 2021


Another episode of all 78 rpm shellac discs.


Jean Shepard - You're Just The Kind Of Guy
Link Davis - The Crawfish Crawl
Loy Clingman - (Team Heals All Wounds And) Time Wounds All Heels
Hank Williams - Settin' The Woods On Fire
George Jones - Play It Cool Man-Play It Cool
Al Rogers With His Rocky Mountain Boys - The Mirror 'Cross The Bar
Eddie Noack - Don't Trade
Wilma Lee And Stoney Cooper - The Legend Of The Dogwood Tree
Red River Dave and The Texas Tophands - Atomic Power
Danny Dedmon and His Rhythm Ramblers - Gin Drinkin' Mama
Arlie Duff with The Western Cherokees - Back To The Country
Dub Adams and his K-Bar Ranch Hands - Arkansas Traveler
Bonnie Sloan - Hogtied And Branded
Roy Hogsed - Let Your Pendulum Swing
Delmore Brothers - Pan American Boogie
Jimmie Rodgers - If Brother Jack Were Here




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