Dollar Country

Episode 152: All Country Gospel



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Release Date

October 06, 2021


An episode I've been setting things aside for, this one is ALL country gospel tunes!


Walt Scott and the Corn Huskers - Heavens Golden Tower
Arnold Silva - Get Thee Behind Me Satan
Charles C. Marshall - The Little Church By The road
The Noeton Quartet - Standing By The River
Country Four Quartet - God Sent His Son
The Sunshine Quartet - Welcome Home
Lee Mace & His Ozark Opry - Resurrection Morning
Cecil Hickman & The King's Highway Quartet - I Know My Lords Going To Lead Me Out
Frazier Gospelaires - Echo's From The Burning Brush
Charles E. Sivley - One Of His
Westmore Ramblers - Reuinion In Heaven
James Coleman Jr. - God Was In The Burning Bush
Sullivan Family - Family Reunion
Patsy Prescott - My God Is Real
Jackie And Arlen with The Southern Gospel Singers - When I Get Up To Heaven
James Padgett with The Weaver Family - When He Reached Down His Hand
Brenda Vaughn with The Sherman Tomes Trio - Will The Circle Be Unbroken




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