Dollar Country

Episode 173: The Salt Grass Trail



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March 30, 2022


Another week of forgotten country music from the 40s-70s on 45 rpm discs.


Pauline Parker & Marilyn Kaye - Love Fever
Lindle Nichols - "If" There's Cows In Big Texas
Bob Driver - Six Days On The Road
Bill Wimberly's Swing Band - On Again Off Again
Slim Skellett & The Slim Skellet Trio - Billy Richardson's Last Ride
Fuzzy Lester - The Salt Grass Trail
Helling And His Hillbilly Buddies - I'll Make It All Up To You
Brenda Wells - (I'll Cry My Way Through) Loretta's Greatest Hits
Bill Fuller & The Early Times - Folsom Prison Blues
Barnett Bros. - The Green Kid From St. Lou.
Bill Bacon and his Country Gentlemen - Two Arms Two Lips
Ken Rogers - Hollywood Wheels
Hal Cass - (Save Me A Spot In Your) Country Music Hall Of Fame
George Louis - Don't Make Love
Avery & The Country Boys - It's Four O'Clock
Tex Daniels and his Lazy H. Ranch Boys - Give Your Heart A Chance
Carl Sanford - Old Grand Dad




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