Dollar Country

Episode 180: Country Gospel LP Hour


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June 1, 2022


Join me as I share local LPs I found on my recent trips to Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Lot's of country gospel and bluegrass, if you know all these artists then I'll send you a free sticker.


Bar D Wranglers - Ghost Riders
Bud Chambers - God's Law
The Mooney Family - I'm In A New World
The Steffy Family - I Won't Ask For More
The Music Country Travelers - Sunday Morning Coming Down
Glory-Road Singers - We're Not Home Yet Children
Bill Jones & The Bluegrass Travelers - They're Holding Up The Ladder
Umy & The Goodtimers - My Lord Keeps A Record
The Revelations - Old Time Alter
Juanita Herson - Five Foot Two
Gospel Blue Grass Boys - Angels Carry Me Home
Blue Mountain Bluegrass Band - Fear Not
Reva Banks - Amelia Earhardt
Bill Rouse & The Uptown Grass Band - Old Man At The Mill
Johnny Bruce - My Left Hand Gets Tired
The Gospel Shineers - Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City




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