Dollar Country

Episode 188: Poor Hobo



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Release Date

August 3, 2022


Sixteen gems from the forgotten history of country music.


Johnnie Bytheway - Rivers To Cross Mountains To Climb
Buddy Winnfield - Fine Young Southern Gentleman
The Episodes - Whiskey River
Tom Kennedy & Roy Wakely - America You're Running Out Of Gas
Miss Jeri - That Don't Make Me A Bad Girl
Polly Hutt - Love Me No More Darling
Eldon Fault - Welcome Home POW
Carl Meadows - Black Lights, Loud Music, And Wine
Tish Lowery - That Home Away From Home
Dee Dee Marie - Old Red, White, And Blue
Harry Choates - Poor Hobo
Melvin Endsley - I Found Myself Losing You
Buddy Engel - I Really Love You
Jim Hurt Jr & The Silver Wing Band - Tribute To A Young Man
Barry Paul - Dirty Dollar Bill
Earl Clark - The Great Big Holy War

Patron Bonus Tracks

Kent Morrison - I Ain't A One Woman Man
Jay Pack - Guadalupe
Al Sweatt - I Hate Myself
The Frankie Herman Band - Mississippi River Man
Montie Mead & The Wheels - Three Time Loser




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