Dollar Country

Episode 189: Get Right With God



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August 16, 2022


An hour of old time country music from the forgotten corners of American history.


The Bluegrass Blackjacks - Get Right With God
Burns, Lonnquist, Galfano - Brew Crew All The Way
Fiddlin' Sisk & The Tennessee Sweethearts - Chapel On The Hill
Joe DeLucia - All Night Cafe
Debbie Sue & The Country Gentlemen - Nothing Without Your Love
Margie Bowes - Day After Day
Riley Crabtree & His Western Hitparaders - Gun Fightin' Marshal
Leon Payne - Brothers Of A Bottle
Little Aldene - Skidrow Street
Sis Badgett And The Melody Rangers - You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
Janie Fulmer - This Lonliness
Lenny - Bingo Baby
Betty Nichols & The Shenandoahs - Ride, Ride, Ride
Dempsey Sims - Truckers Rhythm
Millie Elking & Jim Brown - I Don't Always Cry
R-B Country And The Barons - The Great Loss
Jeris Ross - The Midnight Cowboy

Patron Bonus Tracks

Doc Williams - I'll Be Home In The Morning
Chuck Wayne - Thank You Call Again
Sonny Williams - Sadie
The Homesteaders - Diamonds For Ruby (Rubies For Pearl)
Leon Payne - Things Have Gone To Pieces




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