Dollar Country

Episode 075XL - Big Ol World


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Release Date

April 3rd, 2019


This week we've got an Extra Large episode, featuring 40 tracks over the course of two hours


Normal release songs

Patron Bonus Tracks

Billy Hall - Keep Your Eye On The Guy
Jimmy Dallis - Every Body Says
Wendell Austin - Aroostook County Maine Potatoes
Buddy Meredith - Flop Top Beer
Eddie Noack - Beer Drinking Blues
Johnny Paycheck - Motel Time Again
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks - You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
Stan Fernau And The Cadillac Cowboys - Millers Cave
Duane Dee - When The Devil Rides The Wind
Louis Owens - Wish I Had My Troubles Back
Dick Curless - Nine Pound Hammer
Tiny Harris - Georgia Manhunt
Mack Fields - Peeking Over The Back Seat
J.B. Chisolm - Rock Road To Nashville
Frank Taylor - Forty Winks
Grandpa Jones - Dark As A Dungeon
Sonny Johnson - Prisoner Doing Time
Norine Sloan - A Desert Cowpoke
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks - Black Gold Diggers
Jimmy Dallis - Web Of Love
Lefty Frizzell - I'm An Old, Old Man
Eddie Noack - Dolores
Jack Kittell - Psycho
J.B. Chisolm - Troubles And Red Wine
Mack Fields - Bowling Ball Blues
Wendell Austin - Buzz Buzz Buzz Goes My Chainsaw
The Boys From Shiloh - They Poisoned Your Mind About Me
Larry King - It's Just My Luck
Ray Holly - Throne Where My Queen Used To Be
Norine Sloan - A Country Gabber
Sonny Johnson - Heavens Golden Gate
Cecil Bowman - Man Awaitin'
Stan Fernau And The Cadillac Cowboys - The Old Trading Post
Joe Hudgins - Wild And Wicked World
Dick Curless - You Never Miss The Water (Till The Well Runs Dry)
Linda Cassady - There's A Light Shining Through
Bob Leers - Big Ol' World
Wayne Raney - Ain't Nothin' But A Tomcat's Kitten
Lou Reich - Making A Man Out Of A Boy
Buddy Hagan - Pack It All Up And Stick It In Your Astro Dome



This Moment In Dollar Country History

Before I had everything formatted to fit radio I used to do extra long episodes occasionally. They were always fun, but that looseness of format was something I gave up to get syndicated.

-FtD 2023


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