Dollar Country

Episode 230 - Murder Ballads 2023


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Release Date

October 25th, 2023


Red Kirk - It's Nothing To Me
Joe Paul Nichols - Jesse James
Country Gentlemen - Secret Of The Waterfall
Mike Smith With Harvest - Son Of The Other Gun
Julie Richmond - Ruby Jack
Gary Meister - Death Row
J.D. Jewell and Athens Country Gold - Millfield Train Wreck
Reid Cook - Little Joe
Dale Miller - Forty Years
Ed Post - Boyer Creek
Scufflin Hillbilly - Tragedy In Dallas
Buddy Pastuck - John F. Kennedy
Lenard Wright & Sammie Goodman - Lee Harvey Oswald
Wendell Austin & The Country Swings - LSD

Patron Bonus Tracks

Bill Woods - Little Rose Marie
Glenn Lehman and The Dunbar Mountain Boys - Wild Bill Jones
Sterling Blythe - You Picked Up A Stranger
Rick Riddle And The River Boys - Reata Pass
Eddie Noack - Dolores



This Moment In Dollar Country History

This episode came about because I was asked to do a talk at a local library here about murder ballads. Since I had pulled all the stuff from my collection I thought it would be a good time to play some of the things I hadn't played on the show in years.


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