Dollar Country

Documentary Digging Trip (2023.08.23-2023.08.25)



2023.08.23 - 2023.08.25
August 23rd-25th, 2023


Digging trip I took with Michael Suter for the upcoming documentary.

8/23 - Began in Cleveland, drove to WV where I met with 000038 and bought 4 boxes of 45s.  Drove from WV to Bristol VA on Highway 23, stopping at every goodwill and other thrift on the way.  Had relatively bad luck finding records after the first stop.

8/24 - Drove west from Bristol, had breakfast at Kay's before heading north and randomly picking roads to drive.  Found some things, but relatively little.  Stopped midday at a fruit stand and bought coke zero and some okra.  Opting to choose local roads over big highways we accidentally traveled up a single track mountain road and on the way down our brakes started smoking and we had to get towed to a nearby mechanic.  Upon inspection we were told everything was OK and that we just used the brakes too much.  Went back to Bristol and met with 000064 before going to the home of 000065 to dig before retiring for the night.

8/25 - Left Bristol in the morning heading north to Cleveland.  stopped at Goodwill's and thrift stores along the way, finding many great country gospel LPs and very few 45s.  Arrived in Cleveland in the evening.


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