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Episode 225 - Ohio Bluegrass Special


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Release Date

August 16th, 2023


From Cincinnati to Akron, this episode features just a few of the great bluegrass releases from the great state of Ohio.


Bill Box & The Dixie Drifters - Forty Miles Of Bad Road
Sonny Osborn - Down The Road
Old Kentucky Ike - Dark Calvary Friend
Charles & Tim Fugate - He's Coming Back To Earth Again
Charles & Tim Fugate - Stormy Waters
Harley Gabbard - Uncle Bill's Still
Bluegrass Blackjacks - Get Right With God
Frank Necessary & The Stone Mountain Boys - Stone Mountain Breakdown
Frank Necessary & The Stone Mountain Boys - Highway Of Love
Hulen Wilson - I Should Have Stopped Drinkin'
Hulen Wilson - Overton County Breakdown
Johnny Blue & The Pelfrey Bros - New Angel In Heaven
Bernice Hatchett & The Bluegrass Mtn Boys - He's Coming Home From Vietnam
Paul Mullins & The Backwods Boys Quartet - Is There Room For Me
Roy Crockett & The Pleasant Valley Boys - I'm Building A Highway
Ethel Delaney - Ridin' Down The Trail Together

Patron Bonus Tracks

Ray Lunsford - Shelia
Old Kentucky Ike - Prison Song
Old Kentucky Ike - Wreck Of 418 Out Of Corbin, KY
Frank Necessary & The Stone Mountain Boys - Blue Train
Barnett Bros - Tragedy Of Silver Bridge
Gospel Valley Boys - The Old Country Church



This Moment In Dollar Country History

I feel that I summed it up well on my mailing list for this one:

Howdy Dollar Contrarians! Something that has been great about doing the show every other week is having time to do fun shows like this. I was adding things to the database and noticed that I had enough bluegrass from in or around Ohio to make a whole show out of it. I spent many hours researching these artists and labels so I could really present some good information, I hope that comes through in the show. In the process I've also tried to update those pages on the database.

The records on this episode have come from all over the last 8 years of the show. For the most part they've come from other Ohio collectors because if there's one group of people who love Ohio Bluegrass it's Ohio record collectors. I've met a good number of them since moving here, and appreciate them holding stuff for me. 


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