Dollar Country

Episode 218 - Long Time Gone



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May 10th, 2023


The Life Of A Musician, Nashville, Alimony, and the Hangman in Dollar Country this week.


Bob Graves - The Hangman's Come To Town
Lonnie Holt - Overton Hanging
Sandy Daugherty & The Sleepy Hollie Boys - Long Time Away
Lois Lea - I Cried A Million Tears
Big Bill Johnson - Beer Belly Blues
Sharon Smith - There's Just One Way To Keep A Truckin' Man Happy
Troy Que - Life Of A Musician
Dowdle Sisters - Nashville
Frank Puryear & The Unknowns - Recipe For Love
Charlotte Pruitt with the Ohio Valley Boys - You'll Never Change My Name
Eli Possumtrot - My Past Is My Future
Big Bill Johnson - Alimony
Luke Gordon - Alimony
Ernie Hollar - Springfield, Ohio
Patty Powell & The Inn-Keepers - When The Bottle Puts You Down
Mickey Fortune - It's Gonna Hurt Me More
Lesse Lege & The Jeff Davis Ramblers - Memories In My Heart
Jerry and Eddie & The Little Folks - Act Naturally

Patron Bonus Tracks

Jimmie John - Daddy, Where Did I Come From?
Charlotte Pruitt with the Ohio Valley Boys - You'd Be A Fool
Larry Denham & His Ramblin Cowboys - May You Never Be Alone Like Me
Sandy Daugherty - Lowlifer Biggest In Town
Karen Kraft - You're Cheating Heart




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