Dollar Country

Episode 129 - Prisoner In Siberia



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Apirl 7, 2021


Jack Wyatt - There's No Bars In This Jailhouse
Cowboy Jules - The Wyoming Waltz
David Price - National Everybody Hate Me Week
Lee Joy and the Lee-Al Strings - Don't Fight
Vin Bruce - Big Texas
Hank Riley - Consolated Egotated Love
The Nau's - Midwest Central
Gene Morgan - Ten Wheeler Blues
Vnaice Flowers - Prisoner In Siberia
Bob (Droopy Duck) Howard - Birmingham Jail
Junie Lou and her Pine Hedge Ranch Hands - Mountain Gold
Dwight Butcher - Oh Mama Why Didn't I Listen To You?
Johnnie And Jack - Slow Poison
Johnnie Forrer - Understand
Tex Roe - John The Baptist
Johnny Horton - When It's Springtime In Alaska
Karen Otis - Darkened Shadows



This Moment In Dollar Country History

I've always thought Siberia seemed really enchanting. I'd love to visit northern Canada or Siberia or other cold barren places some day. The places on earth that are not common to go.


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