Dollar Country

Episode 129 - Prisoner In Siberia


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Release Date

Apirl 7, 2021


Jack Wyatt - There's No Bars In This Jailhouse
Cowboy Jules - The Wyoming Waltz
David Price - National Everybody Hate Me Week
Lee Joy and the Lee-Al Strings - Don't Fight
Vin Bruce - Big Texas
Hank Riley - Consolated Egotated Love
The Nau's - Midwest Central
Gene Morgan - Ten Wheeler Blues
Vnaice Flowers - Prisoner In Siberia
Bob (Droopy Duck) Howard - Birmingham Jail
Junie Lou and her Pine Hedge Ranch Hands - Mountain Gold
Dwight Butcher - Oh Mama Why Didn't I Listen To You?
Johnnie And Jack - Slow Poison
Johnnie Forrer - Understand
Tex Roe - John The Baptist
Johnny Horton - When It's Springtime In Alaska
Karen Otis - Darkened Shadows




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