Dollar Country

Episode 135: Kanwic Records


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Release Date

May 26th, 2021


A sampling of singles from Wichita Kansas' Kanwic Records with a bit of history of the label thrown in.


George Barnes - Hutchinson Is My Home Town
Ernie Wesley and The Westernaires - Blue Love Letter
Ernie Wesley and The Westernaires - Every Day That Passes
George Barnes - The Storm
George Barnes - The Big Iron Door
Owen McCarty and His Troubadours - If I Was King
Owen McCarty and His Troubadours - Key To My Heart
Lloyd Eddy - Rollin' On
Vern Laswell - I Can't Tell You How I Hurt
The Blue Banana - My Luv
Tulsa County - Games People Play
George Barnes - Sunday School Religion
George Barnes - United States Mail
James Lee - Miles From Birmingham
Sammy Bidwell - Six Hard Years Of Pain
Sue Erickson & Bill Jordan - My Ellusive Dreams
Sam Bidwell - Made In Japan
Janet McAntee - The Last Time I'm Walking




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