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Episode 155: Rimrock Records



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Release Date

October 27, 2021


This week's episode is all about Wayne Raney's Rimrock Records out of Concord Arkansas.


Johnny Mitchum - Arkansas Waltz
Hal Cass - Bricklaying Blues
Ozark Slim - Wondering Blues
Loretta Kay - Cheater's Part
Jim Sparks - Unlock My Heart
Jefferson County Bluegrass Boys - The Craziest War Of The Universe
Bob Turner - Local Weekly News
Kenneth Hamm - More Trouble Than Carters Got Pills
Freddy Lake & Harmonica Kate - Moonshiner
Freddy Lake & Harmonica Kate - Home In Mountain Home
Jeannie Oxford - Flirty Son Of A Gun
Laure Lynn Hayes - There Goes Daddy
Joe West & The Fifth Wheels - Long White Line
Bonnie Bond - Shall I Call
Jim The Drifter - Rollin' Stone
Golden K Ranch Boys feat Kenny Burgess - Glass Of Wine And Turn The Juke Box On




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