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Episode 159: Songs About Jail



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November 24, 2021


This week is all songs about jail.


Paul Brown - In The Smithville Jail
Tiny Harris - Georgia Manhunt
Troy Crane and his Three Texans - Texas Huntsville Prison Blues
The Stanley Brothers - Stone Walls And Steel Bars
Blaze Fury - I Want To See Rita Tonight
Sonny Johnson - Prisoner Doing Time
Jerry hayes - Seven Lonely Years
Clyde Lumpkins - Prisoner's Prayer
Dave Jones and the Dealers - The Wrong Man
Bobby Sykes - The Guard On The North Wall
Gary Meister - Death Row
Charlie Kellogg - Why I Have A Number
Jim Minor - Jackson Prison Bars
Wayne Stimson - Glasgow County Jail
Clyde Stewart - The Getaway
Gene Satterfield - Doin' My Time
Gene Dunlap - Six Steel Bars




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