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Episode 164: Don't Make Me Laugh While I'm Drinkin'



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January 05, 2022


Eighteen more widely unknown country tunes from the history of the genre.


Boots Till - Thank You Very Much
Bennie Hess - Livin' Took The Life Out Of Me
Black Jack Wayne with Rose & Cal Maddox - What Makes Me Hang Around
Buddy Cudd & The Show Buds - No Hard Time Blues
Lance Hill - Mother In-Law
Deadly Earnest An' The Honky Tonk Heroes - Don't Make Me Laugh (While I'm Drinkin')
Johnny Horton - Honk-Tonk Man
Jimmy Donley - Loving Cajun Style
Carl Phillips - From The Manger To The Cross
Dottie Faye - I Am So Lonely
Arlan Kerce - St. Louis The Country Music Town
Chuck Comb - Cedar Hills
Buddy Livingston - Eternity
Loretta Kay - Pause
Tony Douglas - It Didn't Help Much
Slim Wilson - Locked Inside My Aching Heart
Jimmie Skinner - Dark Hollow
Coleman Wilson - Radar Blues



This Moment In Dollar Country History

The first episode of 2022.

From the release email:

Howdy Dollar Contrarians, it's a new year but the same old show. Gonna keep chugging along as I have been with the weekly episodes and hitting up radio stations, however this will officially be the first full year I've done the show as a job. Well at least I hope I can, which I will unless something unfortunate happens.
This show is a stack of stuff that came in boxes from [000036] a while back. A friend was in town and after a few beers we got to playing records and set aside a stack of good ones for future use, which is where all of these came from. A lot of these are from the St Louis area. The Johnny Horton is the only one that I think came from somewhere else, and that was from Denver.
If you have a radio station near you that you'd like Dollar Country to be on, feel free to send them an email. I've sent out hundreds of emails at this point, but program directors get emails from people like me all the time. A listener email has a lot more weight, so if you wanted to do me a solid that's one that would help me out. Otherwise I hope you enjoy this episode.


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