Dollar Country

Episode 170: Time Machine 2017



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March 2, 2022


A jump down memory lane this week on Dollar Country. I go back to the first year of the show and share some of the ones I think stand out.


Charley Horton - Big City
Red Steagall - Lone Star Beer And Bob Wills Music
Johnny Robinette - Truck Drivers Dream
Billy Eustis - The Rope
Luetta Johnston - If I Was A Bottle
Dewey Groom - Just Call Me On The Phone
Buddy Max - Roller Skating Cowboy
Red Sovine - The Father Of Judy Ann
Houston Barks - A Stranger Tore My Castle Down
Leland Schelp - What Makes Me Hang Around
Mona Kerry - Don't Hang Around My Door
Sandy Sans - What Made Nashville Famous
J.V. Leigh - Maken The Wheels
Allene Yokum - The Lovingest Girl
The Gem Staters - The Old Snake River Stampede
Polly Tucker - Another Woman's Man
Wendell Austin - Buzz Buzz Buzz Goes My Chainsaw



This Moment In Dollar Country History

The first time machine episode I did at my Dad's house in Delaware. I was there to help him with hospice care of my Grandmom. All I had was a laptop, a hard drive with all the old shows, and a lot of free time.


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