Dollar Country

Episode 186: Country DJ



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July 20, 2022


Another week of great country tunes your listeners have never heard.


Morris Family & The Gospel Jubileers - Wake Up Jonah
Tex Thurman & The Roving Rangers - This Ol' Rig
Ronnie Henderson - As Long As I Got You
Tommy Jones & The Hayriders - Country D.J.
J.D. & Douglas McCormick - Just An Old Hobo
Larry Good - A Friend Like The Bottle
M.E. Ellis & His String Band - I Almost Cried Today
Ah – Ah Allen - Holster On His Hip
Lloyd D. Decoster - Living For Tomorrow
Loretta Fender - Fraulein Confessions
Al Horn - I Think I'll Build A Nest
Lucky Plank - A Roughneck's A Pretty Good Joe
Coley Harwell II - Betty Jane
Jim Lea - Mystery In Hanoi
Dave Linkus - Neons, Nylons And Heartaches
Leo Castleberry - Seeing Eye Dog

Patron Bonus Tracks

The Nite-Cappers - A Heartbeat
Wally Willette - Why Don't You Leave Me Alone
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - The Assassination Of JFK
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - Why Don't You Write Me A Letter
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - Rock Rock Little Queen
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - Adirondack Moon




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