Dollar Country

Episode 193: Bourbon Backlash



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September 14, 2022


Eyeballs, Bourbon, Waltzes, and Martian women on this week's dive into the forgotten history of country music.


Frankie Meadows & The Meadowlarks - Eyeballs
Gig Dry & Western Swing Band - Specialist
Sylvia Stevens - Ocean Of Heartaches
Bob Lorraine & The Country Prides - After You're Foot Loose And Fancy Free
Ol' Thoroughbred - Bourbon Backlash
Charley Mott & The Jokers - Lonesome
Jim Cook & The Fersalaires - Spring Fever Blues
Eddie Bowman - It Ain't Home
Johnny Mitchum - Arkansas Waltz
Jim Moss - When A Martian Woman Loves An Earth Man
Pat Plymale - The Hills Of W. Va.
Lee Madron - Madron Blues
Dave Jones and The Dealers - The Wrong Man
Jack Campbell - There's Another Man In Your Woman's Life
Evelyn LaBorde - Wife Of A Truck Driving Man
Jim Moss - Drinking My Beer

Patron Bonus Tracks

Skip Graves - You're Gone For Good And I'm Good As Gone (patreon extra)
Jess Stoner - Two Bit Playboy (patreon extra)
Zyndall Raney - My annabelle Lee (patreon extra)
Delmer Delaney & The Windy Mt Boys - Living A Lie (patreon extra)
Earl Holder - Back Street Water Meter Reader (patreon extra)




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