Dollar Country

Episode 201: Broken Puzzle


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Episode 201: Broken Puzzle

Release Date

November 30. 2022


Margaret Elliott & The Houston Kinsmen - The Last Call
Blanche Hodges - So Now Sweetheart
Paul Fannin - Honky Tonk Tramp
Bill Mack - The Smoke. The Bottle. The Wine.
Ralph Morgan - Why
Austin Wood & His Missouri Swingsters - Footsteps To Nowhere
Miss Peggy Sue Points - Gonna Clean House
Vicky Lavonne - It's Sad But It's True I'm Still In Love With You
Eugene Clark & The Rhythmakers - Counting Sheep
Shaffier Smith & The Tempos - Big Blue Diamonds
Cal Sipes - Street Of No Return
Jimmy Hunsucker & The Truck Drivers - I Feel A Good One Coming
Jack Pendleton & The Starliters - Broken Puzzle
Norman Gladd - Only A Fool Loves Twice
Woody Lee - I'm Livin' In A Dream World
Jimmy Sadd - Highway Bum
Cowboy Charlie Huff - The Legend Of the Hole In The Ground




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