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Why I Stopped Editing Discogs

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This website is a database of everything in the Dollar Country Collection (well not yet...).  Every record that has been played on the show is here as well as other singles, LPs, and books in the collection.  To find these items you can either

  1. Browse the items by clicking on the "Browse Collection" or "Browse Items" tabs. Or
  2. Search for items in the search bar.  Type in an artist, label, song, year or other type of data on a release to see what comes up. 

Once you're at a page you can click on the tags on to bring up other items in the collection that share those aspects, or you can click on the names of artists or labels to take you to their individual pages.  This database is a web of links of information, browse around and see what you find!

To listen to episodes you can click on the Shows link above to stream, or download them on itunes or wherever you get apple podcasts. 

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