Dollar Country Episode 211: That's Not In Any Catalog


Arlie Duff with The Western Cherokees - Back To The Country
Charline Arthur - Flash Your Diamonds
Dusty Taylor & His Rainbow Valley Boys - Down Grade
Alice Joy - Johnny What's She Got That I Ain't Got
Bob & Bobbie Thomas - Granny
Ted Cook - Old Hard Likker
Kay Scott - Stella Stratton
Steve Laneer - Convicts Guitar
Carl Stevens - Queen Of Skid Row
Don West & Rose Lee With The Sunset Playboys - Country Guitar Girl
Julie Kay - Little Pink Mac
Sunshine Ruby - That Ain't In Any Catalog
Beaver Valley Sweethearts - You Get What You Pay For
Wanda Jackson - Just A Queen For A Day
Buddy Walker & The Countrymen - The Harvest Fields Of Kansas
Page Brothers And Luella - No Home For Me
Werly Fairburn - That Sweet Love Of Mine
Jon Emery & The Missouri Valley Boys - White Cross (On My Tombstone) (patreon bonus track)
Hank Williams - I'm Going Home (patreon bonus track)
Debra Lee - Where Do I Go From Here (patreon bonus track)
Dave Sparks & His Jade East Boys - Another Cup Of Coffee (patreon bonus track)
Ben Wasson & The Hardtimes - Room 333 (patreon bonus track)
Al & Ina Harris - Man In A Raincoat (patreon bonus track)

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