Dollar Country Episode 207: It's Cold In Nashville


Buzz Busby & The Bayou Boys - The Rambler
M. Strong - You've Got To Choose Between Us
Anite Owens - Let's Forget Each Other
Patty Sigler - Some Day He Will Pay
Slim Short & Angie Inge - Tomorrow Is Forever
Scufflin' Hillbilly - Troubled Heart
Barney Hughes - It's Cold In Nashville
Carl Sauceman & The Green Valley Boys - Please Be My Love
Karen Atwell - Island Of Paradise
Rick Stanley - Down In The Dumps
Phil Coley - Big Foot
Mountain Man - Back To The Mountain
Janet Dell - Beatin' Round The Bush
Curtis And The Melody Cowboys - I'll Find A Way
Lyle Keefer - Come Back To Me
Back Home - Country Music
Paul Tabor & The Country Boys - Second Honeymoon (patreon bonus track)
Mary-Leah - I Won't Wait Here Forever (patreon bonus track)
Ruby Len - Loves Souvenirs (patreon bonus track)
Melody Lowery - I Couldn't Help But Laugh (patreon bonus track)
Barbara Steele & The Kinsman - A Room Full Of You (patreon bonus track)
Lee Simms Country Trio - Paralyze My Mind (patreon bonus track)
Larry Butler - The Same Ole Way (patreon bonus track)
Marilyn Powell - Your The Man (patreon bonus track)
Carolyn Carpenter - For The Lonely (patreon bonus track)
Unknown Artist - Helpless Arms (patreon bonus track)
Unknown Artist - I'm Tired (patreon bonus track)
Unknown Artist - Hangin' There (patreon bonus track)
Unknown Artist - Drinking Again (patreon bonus track)
Unknown Artist - These Things Remind Me Of You (patreon bonus track)

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