Dollar Country Episode 203: 2022 In The Rearview


Deadly Earnest An' The Honky Tonk Heroes - Don't Make Me Laugh (While I'm Drinkin')
Nathan Abshire & Pine Grove Playboys - Offshore Blues
Cowboy Herb Brown - Corn Bread And Gravy
Slim Skellett & The Slim Skellet Trio - Wanderers Of The Wasteland
The Phipps Family - Hurricane Creek Mine Explosion
Charlie Moore & The Dixie Partners - Bringing Mary Home
Pauline Parker & Marilyn Kaye - Love Fever
Brenda Wells - (I'll Cry My Way Through) Loretta's Greatest Hits
Wendy Smith & The Windy Mountain Boys - Carter Stanley (Will Lead That Great Band)
Lucille Bassett - Plain Little Country Girl
Bonnie Lou Wheeler - Brown Nosin'
Loretta Phillips - I Am A Pilgrim
Buddy Pruitt & The Truck Drivers - The Ways Of the Oil Field Game
Alden Holloway & His Prairie Riders - Woodpecker Love
Aunt Effy - Rusty Old Halo
Diana Lynn - Queen Of The Silver Dollar (patreon extra)
Riley Crabtree & His Western Hitparaders - Gun Fightin' Marshal (patreon extra)
Buzz Busby & The Bayou Boys - Blue Viet Nam Skies (patreon extra)

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