Dollar Country Episode 171: Time Machine 2018


Southern Melody Boys - Tribulation Days
Red River Dave - The Pine Tarred Bat
Jeannie McDowell - You Ain't Gonna Get None
Barstool Jim - The Cunot Snake
Al Runyon - The Brake Man's Blues
Andy Reynolds - Jesus Will Want You
Carol Johnson - According To Law
Tommy Westmoreland - You're Everything I Wanted You To Be
Mutt Cottingham - How Can It Be?
Roy Kelly - TV Man
Doug Poindexter - My Kind Of Carrying On
Dutch Robirds - I'm Gonna Fool The Blues Tonight
Frankie Rich - Laid Back Lady
The Cantrells - Talking Wheels
Sunny Lee - The Man They Sweep Up Off The Floor
Kenny Roberts - Just Look Don't Touch
Carol Huff - When You Drink Don't Drive
Jeff Chamberlin - If You Wanna Keep Your Beer Cold

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