Dollar Country Episode 149: I Can't Forget The Past


Jimmy C Newman - You're Still On My Mind
Jerry Jericho - What Right Have I
Chuck Bolen - Your Love Didn't Die
Joan Harris - Whose Ox Is Being Gored
Vernon Stewart - The Way It Feels To Die
Rodger Wilhoit - I've Spent My Time In Hell Loving You
Larry Meyer - The Auctioneering Bank Cashier
Van Trevor - Our Side
Jack Simpson - A Bottle Of Cheer
Bob Newman - Lonesome Sailor's Dream
Johnny Dee - It's Four In The Morning
The Singing Jones Family - I'm Just Another Girl
Carl Esterby - Don't Let Our Boy Forget
Jim Drenon - Life Of A Beggar
Little Miss Sabra - I Can't Forget The Past
The Berrier Brothers - Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Bill and Jeanie Kay - We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds

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