Dollar Country Episode 133: It's Nothing To Me


Arcadia Valley Boys - Arkansas Dollar
The Echoettes - Sears Roebuck Catalog
Chuck Holder - Katy Bar The Door
Pat & Darrell - Hippie Dippy Dan
Hank Jolley - Keep Cool But Don't Freeze
Willis Meyers - Headin' For Armageddon
Johnny Blue & The Pelfrey Bros - Lonesome Mountain
Don Reason - Time On My Hands
Ernie Chaffin - Set'em Up Joe
Red Kirk - It's Nothing To Me
Golden K Ranch Boys - Glass Of Wine And Turn The Juke Box On
Carl Stevens - Queen Of Skid Row
Stanley Brothers - Little Maggie
Lori Lee Woods - Be What You Want To Be
Jimmy Williams - I Just Had A Bar Of Soap
Jim Kandy - The Only Girl For Me
Arlie Duff - Lie Detector
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - Lost In The Ozone

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