Dollar Country Episode 109: Snake Bit


Hank The Drifter - Hank You're Gone (But Not Forgotten)
Jimmy Dallas - I've Got A Right To Know
Billy Ray - The Story Of Suzie
The Nite-Cappers - Out Of Sight
Bennie Hess - Trucker's Blues
Jimmy Dodd - Don't Take Your Spite Out On Me
Johnny Singer - Snake Bit
Jim Morrison - Bill Bailey
Harley Gabbard - Uncle Bill's Still
Glenn Lehman and The Dunbar Mountain Boys - Wild Bill Jones
Wilburn Brothers - Till I'm The Only One
Tharon Guffey - How Many Knew Him On The Eleven Flight
Margie Singleton - Jesus Is My Pusher
Cajun Trio - Wabash Cannon Ball
Hawkshaw Hawkins - Twenty Miles From Shore
Blaze Fury - I Want To See Rita Tonight
Bob Lominac - Have A Heart

Show Notes

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