Dollar Country Episode 086: A Newly Dug Grave


Jimmy Martin - I Can't Quite Cigarettes
Don Brown And The Ozark Mtn. Boys - The Dirt That You Throw
Buddy Pastuck - John F. Kennedy
Johnny Singer - Miller's Cave
Chris And Roman - Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins
Tim's Old Man - The Great Paul Bunyan
Eddie Noack - Sunflower Song
William Warren - Honky Tonk Home
Margie Singleton - My Picture Of You
Pauline Parker and Marilyn Kaye - My Old Fashioned Heart
Les York - Roane County Prisoner
Stoned Country - We Started Living (Again At Last)
Shag Weld - A Newly Dug Grave
Eldon Fault - Livin' In The Lap Of Luxury
Jack Cardwell - The Death Of Hank Williams
Big Jim De Noone - Long Lost Girl
Charlie Dougherty & His Dixie Drifter's - It's No Wonder I Love You
Bill Smallwood - Rocky Mountain Oysters

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