Dollar Country Episode 081: Making Other People Happy


The Gem Staters - The Coyote Serenade
Topper Rawlings - Buster Gigs & Sagebrush Sam
Joe Warren - A Child Of The Street
Ginny Wright - I've Gort Somebody New
Donna Fargo - You Reach For The Bottle
Bob C. Smith - Tavern Outside Of Town
Ronnie Sessions - Restless Old River
Bob Rogers - Five Miles Out
Howard Vokes - Willie Roy The Crippled Boy
Nolen McCleery - Dim Barroom Lights
Jimmy Mackey and The All Stars - Deserted With A Broken Heart
Cindy Owens - Separated
The Stone Canyon Band - Okie From Muskogee
Pat Breene - T-Legged Ty-Legged Bo-Legged Love
Denny Clark - Barefoot California Girl
Wilma Whitaker - C-B Junky
Bill Hinson - Making Other People Happy

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