Dollar Country Episode 074: The Country Music Bechdel Test


Janet McBride - Yodelin' Jan
Jean Grey - Nightlife Is My Weakness
Loretta Lynn - When You're Poor
Ann J. Morton - Molly Jones (Is A Happy Hooker)
Mary Joyce - Gypsy I Am
Donna-Marie - In Memory Of: "Patsy Cline"
Patsy Cline - Dear God
The Acorn Sisters - Where Will I Shelter My Sheep
Wanda Jackson - Touring That City
Rose Maddox - I'm Happy Every Day I Live
Bonnie Lou Wheeler - Brown Nosin'
Willa Crisp - Bad Water
Jean Crowder - Buffalo Creek Disaster
Diane McCall - You'll Not Take Nothin' Out
Bonnie Baldwin - It's Pickle Time Again
Karon O'Donnal - Tennessee State Welfare
Debra Barber - Plain Old Country Song
Joyce Elaine - I've Been Everywhere

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