Dollar Country Episode 056: The Bible Is My Road Map


That's an edited Brownie Ford album cover there in the photo.

Wayne Walker - When Passion Calls
Dean Hetrick - The Strings That I Was Dangling On
Tom Sline - Red River Jake
Rose Maddox & The Vern Williams Band - Philadelphia Lawyer
Brownie Ford - The Next Heart You Break
Bennie Hess - Walking That Last Mile
Charles Dorlac - Prison Wall
Red Kirk - You Put My Heart In Prison
Herby Shozel - You Better Believe It
Johnny Blaine - Pop Top Cans
Doc Williams - There's A Mother Always Waiting For You At Home Sweet Home
Carl Stanton "The Singing Auctioneer" - Auction Fever
Arthur Harris - The Bible Is My Road Map
Tommie Tolleson - Echo Of The Old Bayou
George Dickel - A Song Of The Tennessee Hills

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