Dollar Country Episode 030: Muddy River


That's Curtis Leach there in the picture.

Carl Belew - Big City Girls
Charlie Walker - Gonna Drink Milwaukee Dry
Hank Thompson with the Brazos Valley Boys - Hangover Tavern
Sam Bidwell and the Longbranch Boys - Made In Japan
Curtis Leach - Wheelin' And Dealin'
Johnnie White and Sons Of The West - Keeper Of My Heart
Bink Burns - Muddy River
Bashful Bobby Wooten - Goin' Deer Huntin'
Nat Stuckey - Paralyze My Mind
Bobby Crafford with Western Union - On that Old Football Field
Wayne Hart - Little Ole Me
Buddy Alan - Corn Liquor
Don Ray - I'm Gonna Make A Record
Nelson Ray - Wondering Why
Jim Nesbitt - Looking For More In '64

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