Dollar Country Episode 027: It's The Mileage That's Slowin' Us Down


That's Red Foley, Ernest Tubb, and Hank Williams there in the picture.

Moon Mullican - Bottom Of The Glass
Red Foley and Ernest Tubb - It's The Mileage That's Slowin' Us Down
Stringbean - Chewin' Chewing Gum
Stonewall Jackson - Alcohol Of Fame
Hank Cochran - A Good Country Song
Jim Nesbitt - I'm Yeller
Marty Quinn - Geniuine (UFO) Contactee
John Paul Brennan - Vietnam
Ernest Tubb - Missing In Action
Hank Williams - Alone And Forsaken
Big Rock & Tadpole - Get Your Finger Out Of It
Mac Wiseman - Thinkin' About You
Smokey Smith - Bayou Boogie
Hank Locklin - I'm Tired Of Bummin' Around
Ben Colder - The Dobro's Catchin' On Again

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