Dollar Country Episode 012: Watergate Bugs


That's Cowboy Copas there in the photo. He was one of the three Grand Ole Opry stars that died in a plane crash on March 4th 1963 en route to Nashville.

Les Waldroop - Watergate Bugs
Wendell Austin - LSD
Cowboy Copas - I Can
Jim Kandy - Cocaine Blues
Jim Nesbitt - Pollution
Stu Stevens - Paul Bunyan Love
Becky Lee - American Agriculture Prays
Carlyle Hughey - The Voice From Beyond The Grave
Johnny Bond - Hell's Angels
George Jones - Just One More
Hank Locklin - Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
Sunshine Ruby - I'm So Bashful
Charlie Walker - Close All The Honky Tonks
C.W. McCall - Old 30
Skeets McDonald - Scoot, Git And Begone

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