Dollar Country Episode 006: Come In Stranger


That's Rose Maddox on the cover there.

Rose Maddox - I Want To Live Again
Johnny Cash - Come In Stranger
Jimmy Newman - Let Me Stay In Your Arms
Jack Nelson - I Put Away Some Memories
Al Jones and Frank Necessary - Dreamin' And Grievin'
Ron Underwood - West Virginia Guitar Pick'in Man
J. David Sloan - Sleep Woman Sleep
Bob and Wanda Wolfe - Home Made Wine
Loretta Lynn - My Kind Of Man
The Dixie Drifter - My Little Red Snowmobile
Ernie Ford - Country Junction
Jean Alford - First Man On The Moon
Stoneburner - Dark Side Of The Nation
The Hi Fi Guys - Rock 'n Roll Killed My Mother
Moon Mullican - Hey Shah
Eddie Bond - Buford Pusser Goes Bear Hunting With A Switch
Bobby Mackey - Pepsi Man

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