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Dollar Country Episode 188: Poor Hobo (08/03/2022)

Johnnie Bytheway - Rivers To Cross Mountains To Climb
Buddy Winnfield - Fine Young Southern Gentleman
The Episodes - Whiskey River
Tom Kennedy & Roy Wakely - America You're Running Out Of Gas
Miss Jeri - That Don't Make Me A Bad Girl
Polly Hutt - Love Me No More Darling
Eldon Fault - Welcome Home POW
Carl Meadows - Black Lights, Loud Music, And Wine
Tish Lowery - That Home Away From Home
Dee Dee Marie - Old Red, White, And Blue
Harry Choates - Poor Hobo
Melvin Endsley - I Found Myself Losing You
Buddy Engel - I Really Love You
Jim Hurt Jr & The Silver Wing Band - Tribute To A Young Man
Barry Paul - Dirty Dollar Bill
Earl Clark - The Great Big Holy War
Kent Morrison - I Ain't A One Woman Man (patreon bonus track)
Jay Pack - Guadalupe (patreon bonus track)
Al Sweatt - I Hate Myself (patreon bonus track)
The Frankie Herman Band - Mississippi River Man (patreon bonus track)
Montie Mead & The Wheels - Three Time Loser (patreon bonus track)

Dollar Country Episode 186: Country DJ (07/20/2022)

Morris Family & The Gospel Jubileers - Wake Up Jonah
Tex Thurmin & The roving Rangers - This Ol' Rig
Ronnie Henderson - As Long As I Got You
Tommy Jones & The Hayriders - Country D.J.
J.D. & Douglas McCormick - Just An Old Hobo
Larry Good - A Friend Like The Bottle
M.E. Ellis & His String Band - I Almost Cried Today
Ah – Ah Allen - Holster On His Hip
Lloyd D. Decoster - Living For Tomorrow
Loretta Fender - Fraulein Confessions
Al Horn - I Think I'll Build A Nest
Lucky Plank - A Roughneck's A Pretty Good Joe
Coley Harwell II - Betty Jane
Jim Lea - Mystery In Hanoi
Dave Linkus - Neons, Nylons And Heartaches
Leo Castleberry - Seeing Eye Dog
The Nite-Cappers - A Heartbeat (patreon bonus track)
Wally Willette - Why Don't You Leave Me Alone (patreon bonus track)
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - The Assassination Of JFK (patreon bonus track)
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - Why Don't You Write Me A Letter (patreon bonus track)
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - Rock Rock Little Queen (patreon bonus track)
Billy Stone & The Blue Boys - Adirondack Moon (patreon bonus track)

Dollar Country Episode 185: Two Sides To Everything (07/13/2022)

Bob Leers - The World's Gone Mad
Jack Cardwell - Whiskey, Women And Loaded Dice
Bill Brock - Hardtimes
Arlie Duff - Money Hungry
The Louvin Brothers - When I Loved You
Mary Ann Speece - Two Empty Arms
Don Branch - El Paso
Gene Nitz - Running From The Law
Joyce (Jo) Graves - Two Sides To Everything
Sterling Blythe - You Picked Up A Stranger
Delbert E. Williams - The Peanut Man
Dale McCartney - Bottle, And Broken Heart
Norma Lyn - Rambling Man
Buddy Pruitt & The Truck Drivers - I Won't Be Gone Too Long
Buddy Pruitt & The Roughnecks - Just As Sure
Gary Van - Kathy Wouldn't Hurt A Fly
Jim Nesbitt - The Lizard Man
Glen Patterson - Unwanted Babies (patreon bonus track)
Bennie Hess - Wild Hog Hop (patreon bonus track)
Tarapin Jackson - Milk Cow Blues (patreon bonus track)
Troy Hess - I Want Daddy For My Birthday (patreon bonus track)
Harry Snyder - The Needle (patreon bonus track)
Eddie & Bonnie - I Wish I Could Copyright Your Love (patreon bonus track)
Alden Holloway & His Prairie Riders - Woodpecker Love (patreon bonus track)

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