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Dollar Country Episode 194: Hippy Cowboy (09/21/2022)

Harlan County Boys - Please Mail This Letter
Roy Baker & The Gospel Tones - The Tornado Disasters
Vernon Price - Cold, Cold Heart
The Facets - This Day
Penny Starr - A Grain Of Salt
Jimmie Lee - The Gunman
Bill Nettles & The Dixie Blue Boys - Got A Lot Of Lovin' To Do
Barbara Steele & The Kinsman - A Room Full Of You
Dywane Starr - Hippy Cowboy
Roger Chase - The Lifer
Earl & Helen Wilson - Dear Lord What's Wrong With Me
Dick Unteed - That Crazy War
Buck Griffin - I Can't Keep My Wheels On The Ground
Paul And Margaret & Western Hawks - Just A Spark Of Love
Dodie Goodwin & The Green Valley Boys - Once A Day
Danny Michaels - Super Pain
Pat Davis - Weapon Of Prayer (patreon extra)
Bennie Hess - Jungle Land Rock (patreon extra)
Glenn Reffuse - Sexicide (patreon extra)
Unknown Artist - Unknown Song (patreon extra)

Dollar Country Episode 193: Bourbon Backlash (09/14/2022)

Frankie Meadows & The Meadowlarks - Eyeballs
Gig Dry & Western Swing Band - Specialist
Sylvia Stevens - Ocean Of Heartaches
Bob Lorraine & The Country Prides - After You're Foot Loose And Fancy Free
Ol' Thoroughbred - Bourbon Backlash
Charley Mott & The Jokers - Lonesome
Jim Cook & The Fersalaires - Spring Fever Blues
Eddie Bowman - It Ain't Home
Johnny Mitchum - Arkansas Waltz
Jim Moss - When A Martian Woman Loves An Earth Man
Pat Plymale - The Hills Of W. Va.
Lee Madron - Madron Blues
Dave Jones and The Dealers - The Wrong Man
Jack Campbell - There's Another Man In Your Woman's Life
Evelyn LaBorde - Wife Of A Truck Driving Man
Jim Moss - Drinking My Beer
Skip Graves - You're Gone For Good And I'm Good As Gone (patreon extra)
Jess Stoner - Two Bit Playboy (patreon extra)
Zyndall Raney - My annabelle Lee (patreon extra)
Delmer Delaney & The Windy Mt Boys - Living A Lie (patreon extra)
Earl Holder - Back Street Water Meter Reader (patreon extra)

Dollar Country Episode 192: Oyster Man Blues (09/07/2022)

Gene Woods - The Ballad Of Wild River
Ruby Davis - Ruby's Revenge
Mountain Man & Tennessee Woman - World's Fair Blues
Leroy Pullins - Andersonville
Bob & Karen Louise Sawyer - Lonely Side Street
Evelyn Harlene & Casey Clark's Lazy Ranch Boys - Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye
Charlotte Harden - My Crazy Heart
Mack Novak - Oyster Man Blues
Carolyn Boran With The Country Stylers - In The Cold Again
Joe H. Cruz & The Country Cruisers - Tempted
Lou Watson - You Told Me That You Loved Me
B. Jeffries & The Eagle Mountain Boys - Katy Daley
Caril Wilson - You Traveled Too Far
Lola Gilmore - Gone With The Wind
Gary Kennedy & The Mahoning Valley Boys - Sing Me Back Home
Linda Loren - Took The Time To Love Today (patreon bonus track)
Bernie La Fever & The Westernaires - I'm The Man (patreon bonus track)
The Hocking Hillbillies - The Image Of Me (patreon bonus track)
The Loner - Father Of A Soldier Boy (patreon bonus track)
Billy Holeman - They Want To Know (patreon bonus track)
Lucky Clark - My Lai (patreon bonus track)
The Moods Of Country Music - Down On The Corner (patreon bonus track)

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